Commercial Case Study

16kW Solar • Grid Connected • Split across south-east and south-west roofs

Donaghadee Sailing Club

Impressive electricity savings of over £1000 annually. 

In 2013, the Committee of Donaghadee Sailing Club decided to make the most of the large south-east and south-west facing roofs of their clubhouse and approached us to enquire about installing a Solar PV system.

After carrying out a detailed survey of the roof and the building’s three phase electrical system, we proposed fitting a 62 solar PV panel array, which would supply 16.12kWp of power at peak output. We recommended the use of black frame monocrystalline panels to complement the modern style of the building, and a 10kW Fronius inverter to ensure reliability and longevity.

Full Sail Ahead!

The proposal was accepted and the installation date was set. The black frame panels were sensitively retrofitted onto the slate roof, the electrical systems were installed, tested and certified to NICEIC standards, and the job was handed over with a full  demonstration of the system, a full user manual, and all of the relevant certifications and MCS registration documents. Job complete with a happy customer!

The eco-credentials of the Club have been suitably enhanced, with members citing pride in their Club’s forward-thinking developments. As the years go on and electricity prices steadily rise, savings on their grid electricity bill have justified the initial investment, thanks to this pioneering move towards self-sufficiency.

Well done Donaghadee Sailing Club!

System Performance


After conducting a thorough site survey to assess the premises for solar potential, taking in to account geographic location, historical weather data, roof orientation, the angle of slope, the proposed PV modules, inverters, and electrical design, we used specialist solar design software to conservatively estimate that the energy yield from the Solar PV system would be 12,974 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which the customer felt warranted the financial investment in the system.


After nine years of consistent, maintenance free generation, and much to the delight of the Sailing Club’s Committee, the system produces an average of 14,800 kWhs (kilowatt hours) per year, out-performing our original estimate by 15%. The higher generation in this specific system can be attributed to the additional solar gain that occurs when located next to the sea, as the water reflects a lot of light and causes a slight increase in solar radiation along coastlines. So in the end, the result was a happy customer, with a considerably lower electricity bill!


"Thank you for your very professional and efficient installation of solar panels. I found your pricing very competitive and after service helpful and speedy."

“I would recommend this company to anyone interested in the installation of solar panels in an attempt to use greener energy”.

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