Residential Case Study

Off-grid • 10kWp Solar PV • 30kWh Battery Storage • South-east facing roof

Self Sufficient Living in the Craigantlet Hills

Achieving 100% independence from the electricity grid.

This house was built in 2015. The family received a quote to connect to the grid from the local Distribution Network Operator that would have put their self-build project unfeasibly over-budget. This lead them to investigate how to generate their own power in order to be fully self-sufficient.

Sunny Days!

The electricity produced by the PV panels is used directly in the house to power lights, domestic appliances and even a hot tub!

The family are pleased to confirm that they have not had to sacrifice modernity to be off-grid, as they still use a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher most days, it’s just a case of making the most of the sun when it shines!

Smart monitoring allows the family to see that only 4% of their electric requirements have been produced by the back-up generator over the last year, with 67% coming from the solar panels, 29% drawn from the battery and of course, not a single unit from the grid.


We are really pleased with our off-grid solar system. Graham, Jenny and the installation team were excellent!

“We had a number of people out to the house to provide information and quotes, but didn’t feel we had enough information until we had spoken to Encom and would recommend Encom Energy to anyone thinking about going off-grid”

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