Residential Case Study

Grid connected • 4kWp Solar PV • 10kWh Battery Storage • South facing roof

Future-proofing with Battery Storage

Reaching 70% self sufficiency with a combination of Solar PV and Batteries

This beautiful new build property combines style with practical future-proofing. Fourteen 285 watt solar PV panels, installed “in-roof” to blend seamlessly with the surrounding slates, provide 4.0kW peak power output. This system has produced over 8,000 kWh since installation 2 years ago.

We always provide our customers with a performance estimate, based on industry researched calculations, to give a realistic expectation of the annual system production. In many instances the estimate turns out to be somewhat conservative and homeowners are delighted with a higher output than expected, as has been the case here, since the original estimated yield was 3,544kWh per annum.

More Storage!

This forward-thinking homeowner has gone one step further, with the addition of 10kWh of battery energy storage. This allows storage of electricity generated by the PV panels during the day for use later in the evening, thereby reducing the amount of energy being brought in from the grid, even when the sun isn’t shining. This is a particularly useful system upgrade for those who work away from the home during the day.

During the winter months, when the sun is lower in the sky and the days are shorter, the battery is still extremely useful when programmed to charge up through the night, making use of a cheaper night-time electricity tariff. The battery will automatically discharge energy when needed, rather than drawing from the grid.

This customer has achieved 70% independence from the electricity grid, bringing in an average of just 1000 units of electricity over the course of the year, at a cost of only £190.


Thanks Encom Energy, I’m so pleased to have my solar panels installed and to be contributing to protecting our planet!

“Quick, professional, efficient and with great follow up service to check I was happy with everything. You were recommended to me by a colleague at work, and now I too will be recommending your company to others. Here’s to generating solar power!”

Combining 4kW of In-Roof Solar PV with 10kW of Battery Storage to significantly reduce their reliance on the grid, this forward-thinking homeowner contacted Encom to…

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